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Backup Camera Trigger Wire Diagram - TOPTIERPRO Backup Camera Installation Guide Power Harness (Black Connector) Red Wire Please refer to the wiring diagram(s) for your specific vehicle and/or trailer harness to determine the correct color 12V wire for the reverse lights. Note: If you plan to use a dedicated monitor for the back-up camera, the trigger wire is not needed. Backup camera used for monitoring while backing up must be connected to port # labeled “Backup” and blue trigger wire must be connected to reverse gear fuse circuit. To automatically turn camera ON while shifting reverse, connect blue wire to reverse gear light/fuse and plug camera into port # labeled “Backup”.. Oct 22, 2016  · Reverse wire for backup camera. MBEC - IP Junction Box Camera Connections - Combined with Diagram - Copy.jpg. I then ran the reverse trigger wire up into the footer of the front passenger side and spliced it into the reverse trigger wire (it was easy to locate this way). I then ran the chord that connects the camera to the head unit..

Sep 24, 2015  · Connect the reverse wire (from the stock wire harness) to the aftermarket HU's reverse detection wire to display the video from the backup camera when in reverse. 3. Connect V+/V- wires (from the backup camera via wiring to a RCA male connector) to the aftermarket HU's RCA female input jack for video input from the backup camera to the HU. 4.. Backup camera wiring? - Back up camera wiring? I have a 12 Camry Hybrid LE. I installed the otocam3. I've searched all the threads on backup camera wiring and can not find my answer. How do I properly wire this backup camera? The otocam3 has a Reverse trigger wire on the HU, what connects to it? I'. Aug 15, 2014  · I recently installed a Pioneer AVH 4100DVD player head unit with a Boyo Backup camera. I can turn on the camera manually but the 'red and black' wire that another thread stated was the reverse wire did nothing to turn on my camera when in reverse. Thanks for the diagram on the reverse wire location. I'll try it once the Pioneer 'technicians.

Feb 14, 2015  · well I posted previously looking for some advice on installing the OEM backup camera into my 2014 Silverado. I collected all of the wiring diagrams from GM that i could, contacted a couple companies to see what i needed to purchase to install the camera to work with my 8" my link system in my truck (i have already had the MyLink flashed by the dealership to accept backup camera. Feb 06, 2011  · What pwnin is talking about is the trigger wire that hooks directly to the deck from the reverse wire. This one switches the screen to the reverse camera when the trigger wire gets 12v. I think what I'm looking for is an SPDT switch so I can have it hooked to the reverse wire but still be able to switch it to a constant to view at any time.. Jun 14, 2012  · how to wire up back up reverse camera ur camera will have 3 wires one for video and 2 for power red is positive current black is negative current yellow is the video..

May 20, 2012  · Aftermarket Backup cameras normally pickup their trigger from reverse lights. If so, that wire also provides 12 volt power to the camera. So I am a bit confused as to how your camera can work if that extra wire is indeed its trigger/power lead and is not connected.. NOTE: This wire connection is the most important step for the installation. If the radio can not switch into reverse camera input mode automatically when the backup light is on, please check the barge between the detecting lead and trigger wire or the problem that the trigger wire. Jan 06, 2015  · Can anyone post or point me in the direction of where I can find a wiring diagram for the backup lights? I am trying to wire up a backup camera and I don't know which wire to tap into for power when the car is in reverse. Thanks!.

If your camera do not have the reverse detective wire No. 8, and your monitor require that wire to be connected to trigger the monitor to automatically switch to display rear camera image, then you may need to extend the reverse detective wire from the monitor, and wire it up t the trunk of the car, and connected it to the car reverse light 12V positive pole.. Stereo and Backup Camera Wiring Diagram, 2016 Nissan NV 3500 SL - Hi - I have another post, related to my install of the Joying 10.1 Android head unit. But, I think this qualifies for its own topic, because there might be future searches for Nissan wiring, not related to the Joying unit. I am look.

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